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Teams Participating

Hotel Option 1

Hotel Option 2
April 23
Midwest Spring Classic

Ypsilanti, MI

Coach VanKempen (sunday only), Coach Saunders

LaQuinta Inn  1-866-527-1498

April 22-23
MGBR Tourney of Champions

Toledo, OH
Coach Hammond, Adams, Campione, Preacher

Hotel 1 (expires April 21)

April 29-30
MGBR Round Ball Classic

Grand Rapids, MI

Coach Hammond, Campione, Adams

April 29-30
USJN Windy City Classic

Chicago, IL
Coach Preacher, VanKempen, Saunders

May 19-21
Lady Gym Rats Invitational

Fort Wayne, IN

Coach All Teams

Hotel 1
 (expires April 21)

Hotel 2
 (expires April 21)

May 27-28
USJN Memorial Day Challenge

Toledo, OH
Coach Hammond, VanKempen, Preacher

Hotel 1 (expires April 5)

June 24-25
MGBR Capital City Classic

Lansing,  MI
Coach Adams, Coach Campione

July 5-8Run for the RosesLouisville, KY
Coach VanKempen

Hotel 1
(expires April 12)

July 9-10 Indy 100 Westfield, IN Coach Adams, Campione, 
Hotel 1
(expires April 14)

July 10-12Nike Invitational
Chicago, IL

Coach Hammond, VanKempen, Saunders

Hotel Link 
July 22-23
MGBR Classic in the North

Mt. Pleasant
Coach Adams, Coach Campione

July 23-25
Midwest Summer Showcase

Indianapolis, IN
Coach Hammond, Saunders, VanKempen

Hotel 1
 (expires April 14)

July 26-28
USJN Midwest Summer Finale

Toledo, OH
Coach Hammond, Preacher, Saunders

Hotel 1 (expires April 5)Hotel 2 (expires April 5)