MBA Leagues

Who: 3-8th Grade Girls divisions
3-6th Grade Boys divisions
Where: MSA Woodland and MSA Field House
When: October 27 – December 8th (Saturdays)
League details: Bring your team in to play in our competitive league. Games will be scheduled week by week for the first two weeks to ensure teams are placed in the correct divisions. Schedule will be posted on our Michigan Basketball Academy app and on our website under game schedules.
Registration deadline: October 18th
Cost: $625

Would you like to play in the Saturday league but you don’t have a team to play on? Then come to our 616 try ins. You will practice once a week, play in the league on Saturday and participate in the Sunday skills trainings. We will place you on a team, provide you with a coach and give you a jersey. Player placement evaluation for our 616 teams will be on October 21st from 6:30-7:30 pm
When: October 21
Where: MSA Woodland
Who: 3-8th Grade Girls
3-6th Grade Boys
Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
Cost: $225

MBA K-2 League

Bring a friend and join our k-2nd grade league! You will be placed on a team that will practice for 40 minutes followed by a 40 minute game. Rims will be lowered and we will play 4 v. 4.
Want to coach? Great! We will have academy style practices and provide you a practice plan each week.
Who: K-2nd grade boys and girls. Teams will be co-ed
Where: MSA Field House
When: October 27th – December 8th (6 weeks)
Cost: $80 which includes a jersey
Registration: Coming soon
Registration deadline is October 18th